atob A to B Magazine – Everything you wanted to know about folding bikes and related transport issues
bentrider Bent Rider Online(US) – recumbent cycling stateside
Bicycle Traveler Bicycle Traveler (Netherlands)
bicycling Bicycling (US)
cf The Bike Comes First
bikeradar Bike Radar – racing UK, online only
bikesetc Bikes Etc.
boneshaker Boneshaker Magazine
citycycling City Cycling – online only
cyclecommuter Cycle Commuter – the cyclescheme – tax-free purchase magazine
cycletechreview Cycle Tech Review
cycingnews Cycling News
cyclingplus Cycling Plus – practical tips for both racers and commuters
cyclingweekly Cycling Weekly
cyclingworld Cycling World
cyclo Cyclo – online
descentworld Descent World
digbmx Dig BMX
dirt Dirt (UK)
dirtrag Dirt Rag Mag (US)
fatbmx FAT BMX – online magazine (US)
mbr Mountain Bike Rider
peloton Peloton Magazine (US)
bmxrideuk Ride BMX Magazine
rbr Road Bike Rider – online magazine (US)
Road cycling UK Roadcycling UK
SSO Single Speed Outlaw (US) – online only
singletrack Single Track World Magazine – All things offroad
tandemmagazine Tandem Magazine (US)
velonews Velo News (US)
VeloUK Velo UK
Velo locate Velolocate
welovecycling We love Cycling – online
wideopenmag Wide Open – Dirt Bike online mag

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