Global+Foreign Groups

30kmh 30 km/h Roads campaign(Europe)
bca Bicycle Museum (USA)
bicycletutor Bicycle Tutor (USA) – maintenance guide
bicyclinglife Bicycling Life (USA)
bikefurniture Bike Furniture(USA) – Recycling
bikewebsite Bike Website (USA) – maintenance tips
bmxtalk Bmx Talk
cyclocrossrider Cyclecross Rider
cyclehack Cyclehack
cyclestyle Cycle Style (Australia)
cycling_ireland Cycling Ireland – competitive sport site
Cycling Without Age
cyclofemme_170 Cyclofemme
ecf European Cyclists Federation (Belgium)
eclf European Cycle Logistics Federation
foldingcyclist Folding Cyclist (USA)
global cycling network Global Cycling Network
go4cycling Go4Cycling (Netherlands)
I love Bicycling I Love Bicycling
ibf International Bicycle Fund (USA)
uci International Cycling Union (Switzerland)
cyclonomads International Cyclo Nomads
ihpva International Human Powered Vehicle Association
imba International Mountain Bike Association (USA) – Click here for UK branch
triathlonunion International Triathlon Union
ivca International Veteran Cycle Association
leagueofamericainbicyclists League of American Bicyclists (USA)
MAde Good Cycle Maintenance Made Good – Cycle maintenance
ncbw National Center for Bicycling & Walking (USA)
ovarianpsychos Ovarian Psychos Bicycle Brigade – Los Angeles Bike Group
podiumcafe Podium Cafe
rg Recumbent Gallery (Europe)
recumbents Recumbents (USA)
recumbent world Recumbent World (Czech Republic) + Facebook
soc Science of Cycling (USA)
sheldonbrown Sheldon Brown (USA) – cycling facts, figures & opinions
skirtbike Skirtbike (Romania) –  Womens cycle fashion
tandemlink Tandem Link (USA)
tourdefrance Tour de France
Ultra Marathon Cycling Association
usacycling USA Cycling
wheelsforlife Wheels for Life – charity providing free bicycles for people in need of transportation in Third World countries
wikipaedia Wikipaedia (USA)
Womens everyday Biking Womens Everyday Biking and Facebook – Canada
worldbike World Bike – Bike charity
wnbr World Naked Bike Ride
worldoutdoorweb World Outdoor Web (USA) – Outdoor articles and information
worldcycling World Wide Cycling

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