Global+Foreign Groups

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30kmh 30 km/h Roads campaign
bca Bicycle Museum
bicycletutor Bicycle Tutor (USA)
maintenance guide
bicyclinglife Bicycling Life
bikefurniture Bike Furniture
Recycling (USA)
bikewebsite Bike Website
(USA) – maintenance tips
bmxtalk Bmx Talk
cyclocrossrider Cyclecross Rider
cyclehack Cyclehack
cyclestyle Cycle Style
cycling_ireland Cycling Ireland
competitive sport site
Cycling Without Age
cyclofemme_170 Cyclofemme
ecf European Cyclists Federation
eclf European Cycle Logistics Federation
foldingcyclist Folding Cyclist
global cycling network Global Cycling Network
go4cycling Go4Cycling
I love Bicycling I Love Bicycling
ibf International Bicycle Fund
uci International Cycling Union
cyclonomads International CycloNomads Community
ihpva International Human Powered Vehicle Association
imba International Mountain Bike Association
(USA) – Click here for UK branch
triathlonunion International Triathlon Union
ivca International Veteran Cycle Association
leagueofamericainbicyclists League of American Bicyclists
MAde Good Cycle Maintenance Made Good
Cycle maintenance
ncbw National Center for Bicycling & Walking
ovarianpsychos Ovarian Psychos Bicycle Brigade
Los Angeles Radical Womens Bike Group.
podiumcafe Podium Cafe
rg Recumbent Gallery
recumbents Recumbents
recumbent world Recumbent World
(Czech Republic) + Facebook
soc Science of Cycling
sheldonbrown Sheldon Brown
USA – cycling facts, figures & opinions
skirtbike Skirtbike (Romania)
Womens cycle fashion
tandemlink Tandem Link
tourdefrance Tour de France
Ultra Marathon Cycling Association
USACycling USA Cycling
local cycle guides, Facebook
wheelsforlife Wheels for Life
charity providing free bicycles for people in need of transportation in Third World countries
wikipedia Wikipedia
Womens everyday Biking Womens Everyday Biking
World Bicycle relief
worldbike World Bike
Bike charity
wnbr World Naked Bike Ride
worldcycling World Wide Cycling




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